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Sponsor a Kitten or Cat at
Kindness For Cats

If you love animals and want to help but just don't have the time or space to adopt perhaps instead you'll consider sponsoring a kitten or a cat. To sponsor a kitten or cat  you simply choose the kitten or cat and then donate what you are able.  The donations will go specifically to the kitten/cat's care. Often we have special needs animals that require more financial support than the typical kitten or cat that comes into our care.


An example is Cisco, a little grey & white kitten that was left on OCAS doorstep one morning in December.  Cisco was evidently the victim of a car accident as he had a broken leg with extensive nerve and tendon damage, deep scrapes all along his little body and had splotches of grease on him. When the vet staff examined Cisco and realized he had a broken leg with significant damage it was decided that he would be euthanized that same day. (Unfortunately OCAS does not have the resources to put toward relatively long term care, especially when they are having to euthanize so many healthy friendly animals on a daily basis due to lack of space to accomodate the hundreds of animals that end up there every single week).  One of the vet staff saw something special in little Cisco (though most animals are special in their own individual ways) and contacted us to see if we were willing to take him in and provide the care needed for his circumstance. And of course we said yes. Months of extensive care, and expenses,we were able to save Cisco's leg. We are tremendously grateful to Nancy & Walter Hughes who sponsored little Cisco and assisted very much of his medical expenses.