Orange County (FL) Animal Services

Foster Care Program

Foster Parents: Angels in Action

What is Fostering?

Fostering is the temporary care of an animal in need. Foster parents give animals the care and attention they need to help get them ready for adoption.

Often, animals in our foster program are too young to be put into the adoption program and need a foster home to give them lots of TLC until they are old enough to come back to the shelter. In addition, animals who are sick or injured are put into foster care so they can be rehabilitated in a safe, loving environment. Once they are healthy, they come back and are placed into the adoption program. 

Think it's difficult to be a foster parent? Check out this foster care video* to see how easy it is to save lives. You can do it too! Become an angel today!

Angels Wanted!

OCAS is always looking for foster parents since Animal Services accepts any domestic pet that comes to our shelter. Sometimes, these animals arrive sick, injured or too young to be put up for adoption. Foster parents are often the saving grace for animals in these situations.

During the Spring and Summer, many homeless cats and dogs have their litters of kittens or puppies. This is called "kitten season" and "puppy season" and it's happening right now. We are in desperate need of foster homes, especially for young kittens. Orphaned litters usually cannot survive without the loving care our foster parents provide.

We are eagerly accepting applications for new angels! Become a part of our foster program today! 

Are You An Angel?

Are you interested in becoming a foster parent?

By becoming a foster parent, you are providing an invaluable service for the animals you care for. These animals, for various reasons, are not yet available for adoption. However, the time, love, and support a foster parent can provide will give them a second chance to live in permanent, loving homes.

Who should become a foster parent?

This is an opportunity for individuals or families who cannot have an animal full time, to make a short term commitment to help an animal in need. By helping these pets you are increasing their chances to be permanently placed in a safe, loving home.

What are the requirements to becoming a foster parent?

Foster parents must reside in or be employed by Orange County, Florida. All foster parents are required to complete a foster application and any required training on being a foster parent. Shelter staff will discuss the specific needs of your foster animal(s). We will provide basic supplies (when available) for the animal (food, bedding, crates, etc.). Your main job will be to provide the TLC!

Need more information about becoming a foster parent?

Information about Fostering and the Orientation Process can be found on the Orange County (FL) Animal Services (OCAS) website 
Please let them know you learned of this opportunity from Kindness For Cats!


Foster Care Program Overview

Fostering gives Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) of Florida's neediest animals a chance to find permanent, loving homes.  It is often the only option for animals that are too young to be adopted, have special needs, or are sick or injured. Foster parents give these animals a chance to be adopted by caring for them in their homes until they are able to enter the adoption program.  
Fostering is a great opportunity for individuals or families who cannot have an animal full time, since it requires only a short-term commitment to help an animal in need. A foster placement can range from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the situation.  A typical foster placement is one month.
All foster parents must complete an application and required training. Shelter staff will discuss the specific needs of foster animal(s) with them. A foster parent’s main job is to provide TLC! Often, foster parents also administer medicine to animals in their care.
Animal Services monitors the health and growth of foster animals via pre-scheduled veterinarian appointments with our Clinic.
OCAS provides assistance with basic supplies, such as food, bedding, crates and bowls, when available. Foster parents usually provide litter, toys and other items themselves.