Play Time!

First and foremost, kittens and cats need an outlet to stretch their paws and backs, and how they do this is by scratching.  No need to de-claw just provide an alternative!  Our first choice is the Turbo Scratcher which is both a toy and an outlet for scratching! And not only do the kittens and cats love it, but you will have hours of fun just watching them play with it! It is an essential accessory in any kitty household! The Turbo Scratcher can be purchased at your local petstore as well as Walmart.  A very inexpensive and humane alternative to declawing!


                                                            Tara & Turbo                                          Rock Star & Sundance


We also recommend sisal twine scratching posts... be awa re that neither cats nor kittens seem to like the carpeted version, but absolutely adore the sisal version!  FYI -- it is a myth that cats scratch furniture to sharpen their claws, rather they scratch to stretch their paws as well as their back... next time you see a cat scratching, see how they are in fact stretching their back!


                                                         Virgil & feather                                         Emma scratching post             


Kittens and cats alike love feather toys!  Their absolute favorite is the large feather teaser, available at PetSmart and most other pet stores as well as retail stores like Target. You and your feline will have hours of fun and interaction with this inexpensive wonderful toy!  

Another favorite is the Smarty Kat Flutter ball.  You can teach your kitty to fetch and retrieve with this, AND it is a toy that cats and kittens alike will play with on their own, a good thing to keep them entertained when you are not around!  The Smarty Kat Flutter Balls come in packets of 3 and are available at most local pet stores, Walmart, Walgreens and Publix, and the like.

"Time spent with cats is never wasted."   -Sigmund Freud