Rainbow Bridge

Little Lady Lynx
Little Lady Lynx rescued by animal lover & good Samaritan Pam and husband Rick! They discovered this little kitten wandering in their backyard Labor Day weekend; initial attempts to capture her were futile but a few days later they were able to catch the frightened starving thirsty little girl. Thank goodness they did, as by this time the little girl had probably been without food and water for several days and would not have survived on her own much longer! Pam contacted all the rescues she could find in the area but unfortunately as typically is the case all were full and most over capacity (Please, please spay/neuter your pets!!!) so each had to turn her away. Pam also contacted Kindness For Cats to see if we could take her or offer suggestions, unfortunately not only were we full but also having to temporarily close due to a family emergency out of state. Obviously that was not end of story! The alternatives left to Pam were not good so I stepped up to the plate and took the little girl in on Sept 10th. Update -- sadly this story does not have a happy ending. Little Lynx died while receiving emergency medical care less than 24 hours after these pictures were taken. The little girl came to us severely dehydrated and horribly malnourished ... the vet who had looked at her prior to her coming to us put her age at 4 weeks old based on her weight, when in fact she was probably between 2 and 3 months old but had lost more than half of her body weight from lack of food and water (you can't tell how terribly thin she was from the pictures due to she had medium length hair which is what you mainly see in the pictures, but when you touched her you could feel her spine and ribs with no "meat" on her at all.) We were able to get her hydrated to some degree and to syringe feed special foods packed with nutrients and calories, but could not overcome the severe anemia she suffered (the vet had done blood work and found her white blood count to be almost non-existent). Despite being starved she could stomach only small amounts of food at a time. We understood this and syringe fed her small amounts every hour, but evidently the damage was already done and too severe to overcome. Little Lady Lynx you were with us only a very brief time, but during that time we fell deeply in love with you for your courageous and oh so sweet nature. Despite my poking you with needles every few hours to give you always more fluids you still purred when I touched you until you were too weak to do even that. My little girl, my heart breaks for you. Sept 11, 2009 To see more of little Lynx's story & pictures plz visit http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=105895&id=94681413604

Bandit was a survivor of panleukopenia (a disease with up to a 90% mortality rate in kittens). But as a result Bandit was left with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a disorder primarily manifesting with uncoordinated movement resulting in difficulty walking and often toppling over. Even so Bandit learned to compensate as best she could, and the other cats were sensitive to her disability, most particularly Luke. Bandit, your life ended much too soon but you blessed me with the time we did share. My little girl, you are so missed, but some part of you will be with me always. Oct 23, 2006-- June 25, 2008. In rescue work, one encounters many heart-breaking situations, hears such sad stories, and sees too much neglect and tragedy (often to the very young and defenseless), sometimes it requires a special strength and compassion to continue. Bandit is my inspiration. To see more of Bandit plz visit her memorial page at http://kindnessforcats.rescuegroups.org/info/display?PageID=7631